Saturday, October 26, 2013

DAY #126

I decided I had way too much to say about my walk today to just post it on Facebook so I decided I would blog about it instead. Normally on Saturdays I drive down to the beach and walk there. It's always fun to get away from my normal routine and enjoy the sights and sounds down at the beach. It does wonders for my mind. It kind of clears the cobwebs out and gives me time to think. Unfortunately this weekend we had some car issues to deal with so I had no real way to get down to the beach so instead I decided I needed to improvise. So improvise is what I did. This morning it occurred to me that I have been saying since I transferred to the new warehouse that I lived so close I could walk there...but I never that's what I decided to do this morning is walk to Costco and back. I knew it was about 2 miles over so I could get in the same amount of walking that I do at the beach. Ok, so I admit it wasn't the same as walking at the beach but it was still good. Now I can actually say I have walked to Once I got there I decided I would walk the perimeter of the building. We use to have to do that as part of our floor walks for the Member Service department. Costco has since said we no longer have to do that but I remember when I use to do them it would take me a good 10 minutes to walk all the way around the building...I am here to tell you...NO MORE!!! I walked the perimeter in 6 MINUTES!!! What a difference!!! I knew I had come a long way but to actually realize I had shaved 4 minutes off my time was HUGE to me. The few co-workers that I passed thought I was slightly crazy for "going to work" when I didn't have to but it made for a great walk.

On the way home as I was cutting through the neighborhood that we use to live in I decided to walk past our old apartment. It pretty much looks the same. So many memories there when my boys were so little. How did they grow up so fast? As I continued on my way I passed the boys elementary school and I truly was going to go into the Kindergarten playground and swing on the swings but the gate was locked so I decided jumping the fence was out of the So many memories in that neighborhood....I drive through there daily on my way to work but never really take the time to stop and think about it.  Life just goes by too quickly...I need to remember to enjoy EVERY moment!!
Cool pattern in the sidewalk at Bella Terra

Loved the Bird of Paradise with the pine behind it
I am off to get stuff done around here. We are going to a Halloween Party tonight and I have some treats to make. Have a great day everyone!