Sunday, June 24, 2012

January 2013 or the BEST Father's Day Ever

I should have posted this last week when we received the news but I just have been a bad blogger lately. Guess I've been busy. Anyway....last weekend was Father's Day. Jeremy and Holly sent a gift to Cliff and told him not to open it til Sunday when we Skyped...ok...not a big deal. So after church we all got together via Skype and Cliff opened his gift from them. We were on Jason's laptop in the kitchen...I was busy making dinner so I didn't see the gift immediately...It was a picture frame with a piece of paper where a photo should go that said..."Photo Coming January 2013" Cliff was a little perplexed..he hadn't read the bottom of the frame that said "I love Grandpa" I read that part and knew immediately we were going to be GRANDPARENTS!!! baby is going to be a DADDY!!! I screamed, I cried.....then of course we had to get all the details! They made me promise I wouldn't say anything on facebook until after they told Holly's parents. I behaved myself but I did post later on that evening.

We don't look excited now do we??? lol
We are totally thrilled for them. I had no idea I would be this excited about being a Gramma. It's funny cuz one of my co-workers asked me if I was going to be a Gramma anytime soon and I said I had no idea and I could wait til they decided it was right for them. As I have been thinking about it over the past week I decided it was like when the kids were little I never really felt like I was the "Minivan" driving girl and yet I drove one....I don't really feel like I am old enough to be a Gramma either....though heaven knows I am. Everyone tells me how wonderful it is to be a Gramma so I am going to take their word for it and look forward to January 2013.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

On the Flip Side

After my last post about how everyone is wonderful and nice to me at work,  I had a woman last week come in the door looking for an arguement...she gave me that if-looks-could-kill-I-would-have- been-dead-where-I-stood look and then proceeded to try to get me to argue with her! Finally I said "Have a nice day" (very sarcastically) and that pushed her over the top and she went looking for a supervisor to complain....good thing she found one of my favorite supervisors to complain to so he didn't take it too seriously and the more she went on the funnier it got... It just goes to show can't please just never know with people....that's what makes my job so entertaining. =)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Ripple Effect

Today I had a bit of a reason to reflect. While standing at the door at work, I was greeted by several different members that recalled seeing me in the Fountain Valley warehouse. I get this on a regular basis as I am in a position to see lots of people in a day. Honestly I don't remember all of them but they all seem to remember me. I guess it's cuz there is only one of me and so many more of them. Today though I had a member tell me that he had missed seeing me at the door in Fountain Valley I guess I hadn't really thought about it. I felt that moving to the new location was a good move for me personally...I never really thought that the members might miss my friendly face at the door over there. It's like the pebble that when tossed in a pond sends out ripples in the water....I didn't realize that for the last 5.5 years I have been sending out my own little ripples into our Costco community. People expect to see me in Fountain Valley and now I am not there....and I am missed. Many have found me again in Huntington Beach and I am glad. I guess what all this rambling is about is the fact that I was just doing my job....but in the process I have effected the lives of others...way more than I ever realized....and in turn they have effected me.