Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life - Wednesday

Morning loves from Riley

I must admit that I paid dearly on Wednesday for playing all day was hard to work last night...but Tuesday was so fun that I decided it was worth the sacrafice. I totally missed posting last night so decided I would do it quickly this morning....there really aren't any rules to this project and certainly no "Week in the Life" police so I am just going to go with it. Here are a few photos from yesterday.
Morning chew stick that he crys for every morning

Happy Pup with said chew stick

Mmmmmm Breakfast Raspberries and Cottage Cheese YUM

Time to get in the shower

Manditory Hair gel otherwise I would look like pin head!

Jase playing video games I had to be sneeky to
get this one. =)

It's that time the Parking lot at work

Work Time

Vacation request approved! WOOHOO!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week in the Life - Day 2

I am off to the Beach!

I had an AmaZing day today!! I didn't have to work and I didn't have a ton of stuff that I had to do so I got to do some stuff that I really wanted to do! I had to pick up my brother-in-law at the OC airport this morning...then I ran a couple of errands...came home and then it was off to the beach! I love going to the beach...not to get a Father was a redhead....I have relatively fair skin and at my age I don't need the added sun damage. I just love to go and walk in the sand....walk on the pier....stick my toes in the water...kind of clear the cobwebs out of my mind. It's really like a mini vacation for me. Considering I only live 5 miles from the ocean I don't take the time nearly often enough. So I made up my mind that today was the day! Mother Nature cooperated nicely. It was a perfect 80 degrees with a slight breeze. I grabbed a towel, my hat, my camera and wore my new cute bargain sundress and I wall all set. Once I arrived I found that the streets were blocked off....I forgot it was Tuesday...and every Tuesday they have this cool Farmers Market/Street Fair down I made a couple of adjustments as to where I parked and was off for an adventure. I soon discovered that not only was the street fair going on but apparently this weekend starts the US Open of Surfing. They were literally building what looked like a tent city down on the beach...quite amazing to see. Then of course there were the sights and sounds and smells of the Street Fair that were beaconing me. I took all kinds of many in fact that my poor camera battery was near death so I kept having to turn off the camera between shots. I had a wonderful afternoon. It wasn't just the Street Fair...or being at the beach...or the weather...but it was the combination of it all. I stopped to smell the "Roses" that I talked about restored my peace of mind and will certainly make going back to work tomorrow much easier!

Before the beach I made a stop at "The Garden" to
pick up some adhesive at 60% off. You certainly
will be missed Melissa!

These are the biggest artichokes I've ever seen!

Loved the colorful kites and flags blowing in the breeze

Getting ready for the US Open of Surfing

This little guy made me laugh...wonder if they would let me
use it at work to grab people who don't want to show their
Costco cards??? =D

Loved this Sea Gull just hanging out on a bait cutting platform

The street fair wouldn't have been complete without stopping
at Lil Reds Cupcakery. Love this girl to of my
favoritest girlies from my Sunday School and Primary
Classes! {{{hugs Rach}}}

A Week in the Life

A reminder to stop and smell the roses

I decided to try this idea of Ali Edwards...documenting all the little things that make up my life. So yesterday I took my camera and managed to get a handful of photos documenting my wasn't bad....well in less you are Jason or Cliff....they both hate the camera but as the family historian I just shine it on and take pictures anyway....sometimes I get some really good ones. Here are a couple from yesterdays batch.

I already have a good start on todays we'll see what I come up with as the day goes on.
It was a beautiful day yesterday I so wanted to sit on
this bench and read instead of going to work.

my darling a church activity last night

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Belated Birthday Gift

Gramma and Boppa

My sister Linda and I both have Birthdays in May....we love to celebrate them together when we can...unfortunately this year wasn't one of those years. Linda and I also have trouble mailing things to each it is the middle of July and I STILL haven't mailed her gift.... I promise Linda yours will be coming very soon! I got mine just a few weeks ago. She sent me an awesome digital frame. Now you may ask why I am all excited about a digital frame when I scrapbook, but they are so much can enjoy all kinds of photos that you may never get around to scrapping. Just turn on your frame sit back and enjoy. It didn't take me long to see some photos that Linda had put on the frame that I DID want to I pulled the SD card out and copied them to my computer. So for the last couple of weeks I have been taking a trip down Memory Lane looking at all these old photos and deciding which ones really were screaming "Scrap Me" The layout I posted here of my Grandparents 40th Wedding anniversary party was one such photo. Thanks to modern technology what was once a so-so photo with distracting images (aka Me at age 12 passing hors d’oeuvres with my mouth full) became a terrific photo once the food tray and I were cropped out. It really is a sweet photo of my grandparents. As I scrapped this picture I noticed the Gramma had a higher forehead than I I thought my high forehead was from my Dad...maybe I didn't stand a fighting chance of not getting a high forehead since it is clearly on both sides of my family. Her nails were always perfectly polished and when I added the pearl detail to the layout I realized she was wearing a strand of pearls. She was always such a lady. Sometimes it's just so much fun to let an older photo carry you away to another time and place....and now with this digital frame from Linda I maybe carried away more often. Thanks Linda for the great trip down memory lane.
Sketches in Thyme Sketch #52

I used another sketch from Sketches in Thyme. The sketch was really quite simple which left lots of room for interpretation so I ran off of the pattern paper and the photo for my inspiration for my embellishments.

I'm adding a few photos from the frame...lots more stories to to find the time to tell them.

Linda and Me at the Larson's Ranch

The famous Rooster Dress...this one so has a story to tell

More from the Anniversary party

A visit to our Great Aunt Mary's house.
We sure don't look excited to be

This one is BEYOND

Photo of my dad...I've edited it some but it
needs more work.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Memorable Few Layouts

I used the Sketches in Thyme Sketch #52 for this one

This was my layout for week #3
Love the photos of Jase when he doesn't know the camera is on him.

I've had a "memorable" few weeks over at Memorable Seasons...I joined them for their Last Scrapper Standing contest. Sadly I was eliminated earlier this week...No worries though. I am thrilled with the layouts I created and the stories I was able to share with my posterity. Besides that I have met a bunch of fun and creative women on the message board over for me, even though I am not the "Last Scrapper Standing" I feel like a winner anyway!

This amazing photo was taken by my friend Jason Fitzgerald

Layout for week #4 I may not be the last scrapper standing
but I can still do the challenges! =)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kicking it on the 4th

I decided I would post a quick post tonight. We had a great July 4th....just hung out at home and enjoyed family and friends. We barbequed  for was a team effort Cliff made his "EPIC" Lamb Burgers  again along with his Macaroni Salad. I cooked the corn and made this amazing dessert, Red White and Blueberry Triffle. I found the recipe on my new favorite recipe blog tons of healthy and tasty recipes. I borrowed my awesome neighbor Jane's Triffle bowl and even took some was as yummy as it looked! Other than that we didn't do much.

 I started my layout for the third week of the Last Scrapper Standing over at I have been really enjoying the girls over there and some of the layouts that they are making are incredible. So glad I decided to join in the fun. It's getting me out of my comfort zone and pushing me to try new things in my designs. I am also have scrapped some photos that I had never scrapped and told a story I haven't told before so it's been a good thing.

I've had today off....for which I am totally grateful cuz I have been really tired today...spent a lot of time on the computer and just kicking it around the house....I did get my hair cut...Thank You Jana! I was looking like a now I have cute hair again. Guess I had better close this for now...I am working in Hearing Aids tomorrow so I will be busy I am sure.  Here are a couple of my contest layouts and some photos from the 4th
This is my contest layout from week these old photos of Jase

I came across this photo of my Dad, Linda and it!

EPIC Red White and Blueberry Triffle

My son has such a wonderful smile if he doesn't know the camera is on him. =)

Poor Riley....he didn't do well with fireworks!

Love this photo of my sweetie!

Another photo of my Epic Dessert

I actually got some semi good fireworks photos this year!