Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Joyful Weekend

We had Jeremy and Holly here this was so fun to have all my family under one roof. I was fortunate enough to find someone to take my shift on Saturday...the weather was perfect and Jeremy and Holly wanted to go down to Crystal Cove to the tide off we went. Of course with camera in tow. (pictures to follow) as we got down to the water, Jason became my "Rock" so to speak...he was great at helping me get from rock to rock without killing myself or tripping and falling. We all wandered around checking out the sea life, mostly hermit crabs. As I hung back and watched the boys interact with each other I couldn't help but smile. Jason has really missed having Jeremy around. Sure we text and we skype and we talk on the phone but theres nothing like hanging out with your family. I love that Holly just seems to fit right in with us....I guess that comes from growing up with lots of brothers. It made me grateful for a lot. Just watching them brought me joy. Of course I took lots of pictures. I think Jason has been practicing cuz I actually got some really good, NON-CHEESY smiles from him....I was very excited about that. Thanks to Jeremy's long arms we even got a photo of all five of us! I told them it might just be our Christmas Card photo. ha ha.

After we left Crystal Cove we headed to downtown Huntington Beach. We parked and walked out to Ruby's on the Pier.  There were lots of people on the beach enjoying the gorgeous weather....and a lot of construction down on the sand as the US Open of Surfing starts next Saturday. Ruby's wasn't crowded so we had an early lunch. I think we were all so hungry from all the hiking we did. While eating lunch the kids even saw some dolphins out in the ocean. It was a perfect way to end our little outting at the beach.

All too soon of course Jeremy and Holly had to go back to the heat and their home in Arizona...but I am so glad they came and hung out with us for a few days!

Cliff did a pretty good job on this one

Love this Man!

Jason' is getting the whole-smile-for-the-camera thing down!
 No cheese in this photo!

Love this one of My guys!

He's my ROCK! He has such an awesome grip when I am walking on slippery rocks!

He's King of the World.
Love how the wave crashed just as I was taking the photo

Another adorable smile!
My boy AND My girl

The Captain's Morgan! ha ha

Friday, July 20, 2012

Not the Last Scrapper Standing

After 7 awesome weeks of challenges I was eliminated from the contest over at Memorable Seasons. I had a wonderful ride and created some awesome layouts...I wish the best of luck to the finalists! Here's is my layout for week #7 A great big thanks to everyone over at guys are the best!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Last Scrapper Standing Layouts

I love how this turned out...good thing I fixed the title
before I finished it...I almost titled it If I could SPEND time in
a bottle. hahahahaha

Today I saw online, a calendar for bloggers a free download even....I think perhaps I need one....I can't seem to remember to update my blog as often as I would like. Sometimes I try...but sometimes the words just don't come...know what I mean? Hopefully tonight I will be able to find the words I am looking for. =)

Costco continues to keep me busy....even though the warehouse isn't really that busy yet. The place is so new and bright and shiny...I even find myself going in on my day off to shop. I have gotten use to working during the day and being able to spend more time with Cliff is so nice.

I'm still playing in the Last Scrapper Standing contest over at Memorable Seasons. I've had the best time! I've tried new things....and stepped out of my scrappy comfort zone and I feel as tho I have grown as a scrapbook artist.
We also had an unexpected surprise arrive at our house this week...Jeremy and Holly came for a quick excited to have all my kids home. I am sure there will be more pictures soon. So until the next time...Happy Scrappin'
This one was so fun to do. Lots of distressing and a mixture
of Teresa Collins paper. I created the embellishment in the corner
with some vintage goodies from my dear friend Jane.

This isn't a contest layout but still love the way it turned out.
I have such fun girlfriends!

This is the only lift in the bunch...I was just playing on this one.
no contest here... just for fun. I decided to try playing with
gesso, and totally happy with the way it came out...
even tho I am not really a messy scrapper.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Welcome to July and the Last Scrapper Standing.

Week #1 Use Red, Blue, and Yellow I had to hunt to find some
paper that worked but the October Afternoon worked did my
cute first grade picture. =)
 Wow....wasn't just May? How did it get to be July so fast? I thought I would take a minute and post a few layouts I have done in the last month or so. I have been participating in the Last Scrapper Standing over at Memorable Seasons. It's a fun contest...kind of along the lines of Survivor. Honestly I don't watch much tv so I haven't really ever watched it but I get the whole idea anyway. We are up to week 5 and we are being seriously challenged...normally I am not a very competitive person...but everyone in the contest seems to really be bringing their A game to the table so it has caused me to stretch as an artist...which is a good thing I think. So here are my first four weeks entries. Stay tuned for week #5.
Week #2 Use Banner's and Borders This one was still very much
my style...I can do pretty.

Week #3 We had to use doodling...starting to get out of my comfort zone
with this challenge. But I loved these old photos of Jason.

Week #4 We had to use paint on this one...messy isn't really my style but
the paint splats worked with my cute old photo of the boys.