Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I posted on facebook this morning that it has been 37 years ago today that my Mom passed away...I wasn't really depressed about it...just more thoughtful.....remembering her...or trying to....it's been so long ago that a lot of my memories have become a blurr. I've decided that is probably why I don't have a lot of memories from High School. High School was a painful time for me watching her dwindle away...so it's easier for me not to remember much of anything from High School....oh sure I do have memories from when I was in school, just not a lot of them. Most of all I wish I could have known her as an adult...known what made her laugh, what was important to her, what made her tick....I know she adored her family. She was everything to her parents, and we were everything to her. I never doubted she loved me...and for that I am very grateful. Not everyone in this world can say that about their parents. I feel blessed. I wonder what kind of a grandma she would have been...would she have spoiled my boys rotten....probably.  I could go on and on with the questions that I won't have answers to in this life but one day I hope I will. So until then.....I love you Mommy.

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