Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life - Wednesday

Morning loves from Riley

I must admit that I paid dearly on Wednesday for playing all day was hard to work last night...but Tuesday was so fun that I decided it was worth the sacrafice. I totally missed posting last night so decided I would do it quickly this morning....there really aren't any rules to this project and certainly no "Week in the Life" police so I am just going to go with it. Here are a few photos from yesterday.
Morning chew stick that he crys for every morning

Happy Pup with said chew stick

Mmmmmm Breakfast Raspberries and Cottage Cheese YUM

Time to get in the shower

Manditory Hair gel otherwise I would look like pin head!

Jase playing video games I had to be sneeky to
get this one. =)

It's that time the Parking lot at work

Work Time

Vacation request approved! WOOHOO!

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  1. I'm loving getting a peek at people's lives this week! Great pics
    Alison xx