Sunday, September 8, 2013

Finally Some Layouts to Share

My last post is a hard act to follow .It was kind of like a year in review it's been nearly a month since blogged last....I know bad blogger. I admire women like Julie Jacob who blogs every day. I just never seem to be able to blog on a regular basis. It's kind of the way my scrapbooking has been going lately. I start a page and it sits on my table for a week or more before I get it finished. Now finally I have a few pages to share. I think it's taken me nearly all summer to finish them. Be that as it may....without any further are my most recent layouts and some thoughts to go with the.
The first layout was fun to do. Photos are from our trip to the Orange County Fair when Jeremy and Holly came to visit. The October Afternoon "Farm Girl" was perfect for the fair photos. I had no idea what I was going to use that cute little chipboard farm girl on when I bought the paper but totally love the out come.

The next layout has a story behind it. I have always loved the photo of Jason and his friend David from back in 2005, we were at Disneyland on a school band trip. The boys have been friends since then. They both became Eagle Scouts and have still remained friends even now that they are out of school. I surprised Jason last week and invited David to come over and spend some time with him in honor of Jasson's Birthday....of course being the good Mom that I
am I had to snap a couple of photos...much to  their dismay...I think maybe I might have had the idea for this layout running around in my head when I took the photo last week. What do you think??? I love to see how they have gone from little boys to grown up young men.

The Instagram layout is one that I started back in May when I first signed up on Instagram. I thought it would be fun to do. I started it, printed out the collage of photos and it sat unfinished for a couple of months. Finally one day when I was talking to my sister I managed to finish it with the exception of the Instamatic chipboard camera at the see we both bought the paper when I was up visiting her last March she bought the cute little chipboard cameras and we were planning on sharing them...then we got busy scrapping and she temporarily misplaced said

cameras...fortunately she finally found them and and mailed them to me....Thanks Linda for helping me get another layout completed. =)

The last layout is one of several I have done about my journey this year. I went to the Doctors office for my 3 month post op appointment a few weeks ago, I was feeling so grateful that things have turned out so well...they could have been so different. I was feeling so wonderful that I decided to take a little "selfie" in the Doctors office and scrap about how great I was feeling.

Well there you have most recent finished layouts. I still have a couple that I need to finish up so hopefully with any luck there will be another blog post coming sooner than this stay tuned.

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