Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Weekend Off

 I have had a wonderful weekend. I don't often get to have Saturday off but since I have been working in Hearing Aids this past week for a co-worker that is on vacation, I had Saturday off. I was able to drag Cliff and Jason and go on a little "road trip" to Ever After Scrapbooks in Vista, was a nice day yesterday and I felt like I had the best of both worlds...I got to hang out with my guys while driving down there and then I got to hang out in a very cool scrapbook store and visit with one of my favorite scrapbook designers, Teresa Collins. She was teaching a class there. I hadn't signed up for the class but I wanted to go and say hello and do a bit of scrappy shopping while I was there. Teresa not only is very talented artistically but she is such a NICE PERSON! She is so easy to talk to. She graciously posed for this photo and after serveral test shots I got one I liked....thank you Teresa for being patient with me.

Last night we went to dinner with some friends and had a great time visiting and eating yummy Macaroni Grill food. After dinner we walked over to center court at Bella Terra and listened to a Orchestra play Christmas music...during their break it "snowed". It was cool....even tho it was fake snow it still made for a great holiday sprit. I had my camera and took some fun photos.

Today has been a wonderful Sunday. My meetings at church were wonderful....I came away feeling renewed by the spirit. I missed out last week cuz I wasn't feeling great so I was really glad I got to go today. I got to teach my AWESOME Sunday School class...OMGosh...can I just tell you how wonderful these kids are? I learn from them every week. I often times feel like they could teach the class better than I do. I truly love each and every one of  them.

Tonight is the Costco Christmas Party....I am going and taking Jason. Hopefully it will be a good thing. I've been the last couple of years and it has been fun but I've never taken anyone with after some encouragement from a co-worker I am taking Jason along....I really hope he has an ok time. It's at a Mexican Restaurant this year so I know that will be a hit with him since he loves Mexican food.

Last but least I am going to close this post with a quote....I don't even know where I found I don't know who to credit for saying it but I liked it. I'm still running with the last months theme as I want to try to
keep the spirit of gratitude in my heart this holiday season. so with that in's the quote:
"To live with gratitude is to touch heaven." Today I am grateful for a wonderful Sunday.

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