Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Costco in the Rain

I often seem to ramble on about my job here on my blog. I fear that this is going to be another one of those posts.....My job can be interesting. It may not be technical, or require an advanced degree but standing at the door at Costco either greeting people or checking off their receipts as they walk out the door can not only provide a paycheck but also an opportunity to watch people. Yesterday was no exception....I love to watch people....it really is very entertaining. Especially while standing at the door at Costco in the rain. As I have said before we SoCal people are truly weather wimps...we don't like it too hot....we don't like it too cold and we certainly don't know what to do when it rains...we simply aren't use to it. So when it does come and believe me it has hit with a vengence this past week, watching people do their last minute Christmas shopping in the rain can be quite entertaining. If it weren't the holidays people would probably just stay home but because we are down to the wire...they have no choice....they have to finish their shopping so out they go.

The parking lot is the first disaster area you have to be able to navigate. If you think SoCal drivers are crazy in dry weather you should try them 5 days before Christmas in the pouring rain. There were at least two fender benders in the parking lot yesterday all within view from the front door. The exit door can be really exciting when it rains....everyone comes in to the warehouse hoping they will find that the rain has stopped when they are ready to leave....yesterday we heard countless times...."oh is it still raining?" Almost to the point that if one more person said it we were going to slap someone. Then there was the poor guy who looked like he had come straight from work in his business suit walking out to his car trying to cover his groceries over with empty boxes to keep them dry all the while trying to keep his umbrella right side out...it wasn't working too well for him.....I think I would have just given up on the umbrella once it turned inside out. Along that same line are the people that are worried that their groceries are going to get "wet" because we don't provide bags, only boxes and sometimes not even boxes. I can understand if it was a piece of furniture, or a book, or a magazine or an item of clothing but a roast chicken or a bag of lettuce? Is it really going to hurt if they get wet? I just don't get it.

Tomorrow we are headed into what the weathermen say is going to be the worst of the rain this week...and there will be just 3 shopping days left til Christmas...people watching is about to get really interesting!

yes those baskets are tipped over....it's a fire lane and people aren't suppose to park there but they do anyway.


  1. Kathy, this is priceless and all too real. Californians ARE weather wimps. Holiday shopping parking lots are a minefield. However, they have nothing on Washingtonians who do not know how to drive in the rain, even though they should be used to it! No, the rain we have been having couple with last-minute and other Christmas shoppers have turned them all into bumper-car drivers and mean-spirited shoppers. I'm so glad that people have to be so aggressive when grabbing that perfect gift for baby Hannah and 93-year-old Aunt Hattie. "Oh, yes, I took this away from a nice woman in plaid..."

    Thank goodness for nice people like you!

    Mary Sue

  2. Hahahaha - love this post!! I always wondered why people care if lettuce and such gets wet. We woke up to a few inches of new snow this morning:( Hopefully I can make it to work where I can sit in the back and avoid all the crazy shoppers!