Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ten Things on the 10th

Shimelle Laine started this thing about blogging about 10 things on the 10th of the Month. I read about it a few months ago but never got around to starting it. I decided I would try it this month. October is after all the 10th Month...and tomorrow will be the 10th day....there's just one catch...I work all day tomorrow and have plans tomorrow night so there will be no time for 10 Things on the 10th....hence my posting my 10 Things on the's either that or I will be posting on the 11th. I decided I would rather be just a bit early instead a tad late. So without further rambling here are my ten things for this month...mind you since I haven't done this before it could take me til the 10th to get this posted...ha ha

I decided to take the easy way out and post 10 Random photos that I have taken in the last few months that I love.

Actually Jason took this one with his new camera. He was just playing around and I loved the off center look of the whole thing. He of course doesn't like it for the same reason that I do like it. To me it's him and his slightly OCD ways it's just not right...but more than's about me getting to spend some fun time with him!

I LOVE this photo....I didn't take it...I wasn't even there...but I love that Jason and his friends took it and that he shared it with me. Someday I may scrap it...I am seriously loving the artsy photos these days.

I think I have posted this picture before. Cliff thought I was crazy for taking pictures of the 5 dishes of fruit he had just me it said We are a family of 5....Jeremy and Holly were home...even if only for the weekend it was awesome to have them here.
This picture just cracks me up...I am not quite sure who is sillier Jason or Riley!

I love flowers...if I had unlimited funds....I would have fresh flowers delivered every week. Flowers just make me happy!

I love wild reminds me of being a kid. There
were lots of orchards in San Jose back then and the stuff
grew was always so pretty.

This little guy just stayed there while I zoomed in and
snapped his photo.

I love anything that has to do with the beach!

Last but certainly not least #10 is my family.
I love them beyond words! I would
be lost without them. They are the reason I get up in the
morning. They sustain me and always keep me smiling!

There you have it....10 random photos from my massive collection. If you have made it through this post...Thanks! And Stay tuned....I will have another post on Wednesday!

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  1. So nice to see you joining in with Shimelle's '10 on the 10th' Kathy...great selection of pics!
    Alison xx