Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I am not much of a Halloween person....I love cute Halloween....DO NOT like to be scared! So what am I working on today you ask? My 8x8 DECEMBER DAILY! It's turning out quite will so far....but I will spare you all the pictures of it until later.

We did have a neighborhood block party on Saturday night. I went down for a bit and listened to my awesome neigbor Roger Demers and his band play for a while...they were really quite good! I am posting a couple of quick photos I took...or attempted to take Saturday night...not the greatest quality but not too bad. =)

Tomorrow starts my month of Gratitude posting....I really have to work hard at it this year cuz last year I posted everyday.....wish me luck. I don't want to just post for the sake of posting I want to have what I say and what I am thankful for be meaningful, at least to me.

Tonight Cliff Jason and I are going to see the new Foot that we don't have trick or treat aged kids living in our house maybe this will become a new tradition...Movie night on Halloween....only if it's a non-scary movie that is!


  1. A movie sounds like a good idea!

  2. Your neighbourhood looks like a lot of fun Kathy!