Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Little Christmas Cozy

I am once again participating in Shimelle Laine's Journal Your Christmas online class. I love that she gives us permission to SLOW down this time of year and try to embrace the true meaning of Christmas. It's often hard for me to do that because I work in the retail business....retail is all about selling, making money for the company....and face it...this time of year is a BIG money maker for the retail industry. Sometimes I get caught up in the buy buy buy mentality and forget that this holiday is about the Birth of our Savior. This class really helps me to stay focused on the important things. It helps me think outside the box sometimes too and that is good for me...I tend to be an in the box thinker most of the time.

So today's prompt was about keeping calm and remembering what makes this season so magical. This was perfect for me for today as I had the day off and had a fun outing for lunch planned with my dear friend Row Anderson. So rather than write it twice here is what I wrote in my journal for today.

Today's prompt is about slowing down a was a perfect theme for today because I had planned to go to lunch with my good friend Row Anderson. So I already had a low key relaxing day off planned. We had a great time visiting and having lunch. We had already decided to have a peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks so after lunch we headed to Starbucks and while having our hot chocolate she bought me this cute ceramic Starbucks cup Christmas ornament.  So even though I have tons of things I could and probably should be was great to spend some time relaxing and being reminded to slow down during this otherwise hectic time of year.
Perhaps now, every year when I hang that cute little Starbucks cup on my tree I will remember to slow down and enjoy the season. Thanks Row!

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