Monday, December 31, 2012

My Top 12 favorite Layouts for 2012

Hi everyone....I know I have been a horrible blogger lately with the holidays and all...but decided I would post my Top 12 favorite layouts for 2012. So here they are in no particular order. Enjoy!
I really got all creative with the paint and ink on this one

See you can do a boy page with pink, especially if said boy is
holding a sweet new baby girl. ;)

Cliff is such a great cook!

My friends and co-workers from Fountain Valley Costco
Love these guys

Nola is such a goof I swear he could live on Bowl Noodles

Love this photo that Jeremy captured of Jason at Disneyland

One of my favorite layouts from Memorable Seasons Last
Scrapper Standing Contest

Love my silly little boy...even if these photos are 18 years old! =)

Another Contest Layout from Memorable Seasons Last
Scrapper Standing

My last contest layout....I was ousted with this one...but no matter
I love that we are going to be grandparents! =)

Another old photo of the modern technology.

My Sweet Daughter-in-law and our soon-to-be grandson. =)


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