Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Starting all Over Again

Back before Jeremy left on his mission he and I often use to lay awake and gab late into the night. ...just the two of us it was quiet and we could talk about whatever we felt like. Even though it was often difficult to stay was always worth it. When he left on his mission I missed those late night conversations.

Now Jason is preparing to go and serve....right now he is working a job that gets him home late at night...he doesn't want to go to bed right away so he and I have started our own late night conversations. Last night on top of him not getting home from work until late (almost midnight) he had a headache earlier in the evening and took some Excedrine Migraine so he came home and as he says he was "Loopy" from the Excedrine....Loopy really means he was no only tired but wound up from work and the Excedrine....he had me in stitches last night....I honestly don't remember what was so funny but we had a great time and were up until almost 1AM....well I was anyway....he was awake much longer unfortunately. So even though I was tired was all so worth it to have some special one on one time with my AMAZING Young Man. I know in the not-so-distant future he will be gone and I will be missing once again those quiet late night conversations.

An older layout with older photos Jeremy and me in Hawaii
2007 and just after he was born

Another older photo of Jason and me from 2009

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! Love the new header.