Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The End of my Staycation

I had such a wonderful time on my staycation that I totally forgot to post on my blog. I didn't do a whole lot  actually we had a quiet Labor Day I made Jason his birthday dinner since we both were working on his actual birthday. I did a few things with some friends during the first part of the week. I also did a lot of cleaning and reorganizing in my studio. One might think I was nuts to spend my vacation time sorting and weeding and throwing out stuff but it so needed to be done and I was in the mood to do it. My wonderful friend Mitzi Dean came over and helped out one of the days and so now I have a really well organized room and I have more space thanks to eliminating stuff and moving things around. So in made me happy. About midway through the week all I could think of was "Man I could get use to this." If only I got paid to stay home all the

Friday morning my Staycation became a Vacation as we left for Arizona to see Jeremy and Holly. It was a quick trip but a lot of fun. I met up with my fun online friend Janet Bell when we got there. We went shopping at a local scrappy store and then out to lunch.We celebrated Jason's birthday again with Jeremy and Holly at Famous Dave's if you are ever looking for good ribs...Famous Dave's ROCKS! We went to the temple in Mesa with Jeremy and Holly...had really good chinese food for lunch...went to the know just stuff. We went to a concert at ASU that was beautiful Saturday evening. Most of the time we were just hanging out with the kids. It was great to be together. We saw lots of cool lightening and actually got some rain while we were there too.  All too soon it was Sunday afternoon and it was time to head back to SoCal.
I was really tired on Monday and kind of bummed out that I had to go back to work...and yet grateful that I have a job to go back to. All good things must come to an end so Tuesday back to work I went. Here are a few photos from my Staycation/Vacation

Had fun at the HB Farmers Market with my friend Linda and

My newly cleaned and organized Studio

My lovely clean desk

That's Jason and Me with Wilber the Pig
drawn by our waiter in BBQ Sauce

Cliff with the kids....of course they noticed the guy behind
them taking a mouthful of his

Jason's Birthday Ice Cream complete with
fireworks! Only in AZ...he shared too it was

The boys outside in the rain posing for a picture
to keep me happy....I so love my boys!

Birthday boy

Not sure what to call this  look they are giving each other
but I love it.

Holly's friend Kim came over on her!

It only took us about 4 tries with the self timer to get this photo.

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