Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Little Face Lift

Not for me but for my blog! No thanks no interest in being pulled too tightly and not looking like who I am. I just came across Aqua Poppy Designs and decided I would grab one of their free backgrounds and make my blog all cute! Living in a house with all men I often times crave "cute and girlie" so why not on my blog? It is mine after all. =) Hope you all like it.

Jeremy and I always use to think (and still do) that thunder
clouds look like mounds of whipped cream.

Here are a couple of layouts I have done recently. I have a couple more I need to finish up and then I can post them too...have a great rest of the weekend everyone! I'm off to scrap!
Love that I have pictures of Jason in the same place in the park
15 years apart!

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  1. Love the blog update! I will have to look for that! Cute layouts!