Saturday, September 3, 2011

Staycation - Days 1 & 2

I have been looking forward to my little "Staycation" since it was first approved at work the end of July. So here I am already into day good! Yesterday I went and had me some fun at one of my favorite scrappy stores, Scrapbook Daisies in Long Beach. After that I was suppose to have lunch with a friend but it got postponed so Jason and I went and had lunch. After lunch we went and ran some of which was, oh yeah, go to Costco and shop....I so didn't want to go but figured if I could just get in and out quickly I could pretend I wasn't there. It was busy but Jason kept me entertained...he was tired and in his words...."Loopy". He pretty much had me laughing the whole afternoon. I so love that uh young man!  After all he is now 19...ackkkk how did that happen? That will have to be for another post. Last night I got to play with paper and came up with this really cute layout of my "loopy" son on his birthday...I would post it but alas...I haven't taken a photo yet and it's dark out so that will have to wait for yet another post.

Today, I slept in a bit and then got up and made hopefully my last trip to Costco til after vacation...had to get gas...the line was just too long yesterday and I wasn't willing to sit in it. We came home had a leasurely breakfast and then we took off and went to Huntington Central Park for their annual Civil War Reenactment. Jason had been but Cliff and I hadn't so we thought it would be something fun to do today. It turned out to be an interesting event. Seeing everyone dressed in period costumes, listening to music and of course there was the "battle". Actually we got there too early for the battle so we left and had lunch picked up a few groceries and then Cliff and Jase went back to see a little bit of it. I was really tired by then, my back was bothering me, so I took the groceries home and then went and picked them up. Let me tell ya...those cannons can make some noise. The boys said it was cool to see. I loved seeing all the cool artifacts. They really try to keep the costumes and things authentic to the time period. We even chatted with "Mr. Lincoln".

Jason took this one with his new camera
while we were at lunch.

Mr. Lincoln waving to the crowd

Cliff and Jason with Abe

Don't you know I had to take the photographers photo

We stopped and talked with this woman about her costume

How cute is this  sewing machine and iron?

Loved this chair with the "chamber pot" next to it

This lady was sewing.

This man was playing cool banjo music.

Part of the Confederate Camp

Yep I did get a photo of one of the cannons.
I loved how neat and tidy this tent was.

Perhaps I should try wearing this at the door
at work this winter??

So that is pretty much it for today. I came home and got a little nap and did my lesson for Sunday School and the really cool thing is it's only 8:40 PM If had worked today I would be in much worse shape by now. So heres to tomorrow and more "Staycation"!


  1. Sounds-and looks- like you're having fun Kathy..hope it continues!
    Alison xx