Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Things on the 10th

I had forgotten about this until I got home from work tonight and I was reading Shimelle Laine's blog about her 10 things on the 10th. You can find her post here:   I decided I really like this concept so before the 10th is are 10 photos I have taken in the month of January. I know I could have done more photos from CHA but since my last two posts were photos from CHA I'm going with my January theme. I really haven't taken enough pictures this month yet to have 10 photos to post so since this is my list and my blog and last time I checked there weren't any blogging police here is my list of 10 Things on the 10th.

1. Starting out January 1st with a brunch was the perfect
way to start out the year. I love these ladies! They have been my
 neighbors for years.

2. Here's one of Cliff and our neighbor Roger at the New
Years brunch. Roger is a great guy,
talented musician AND a surfer.

3. We spent time with family. What's not
to love about this sweet little addition.

4. Robbie with his new niece Vivian. I love the sweet
look on his face.

5. Riley doesn't have such a "sweet look" here
but it sure makes Jason and me laugh when we look
at the picture. He looks like he is smiling tho he is growling
all the while giving us kisses in between all the ferocious looks.
He really was scarred for life when he ran away for those
three and a half days.

6. We have celebrated Chinese New Years off and on
over the years. This year Cliff made some
wonderful Chinnese food for dinner. That's celebration enough for me.
I loved the dragon photo...I found it on yahoo. Decided it needed to be
part of my layout.

7. Gotta love getting in some scrappy time
while walking the floors of CHA
(Craft and Hobby Association) Trade show.

8.When Linda arrived she said she wanted to go down to the
beach....who could argue...the weather was picture perfect.

9. Who can complain about 80 degree weather in January?

10. This has to be one of my favorite photos of Linda and Me.
The best part is....we took it ourselves! Gotta love the
Self-Timer. =)


  1. Blog Police - hahaha! Love your 10! Great photos! That is a wonderful photo of you and Linda!! My layout in will probably be in the March issue. I'll let you know when.

  2. Amazing photos and layouts, Kathy. It has been such fun working on the DT with you at Scrap-Friendzy. I'm glad you'll be sticking around!! ~ Blessings