Monday, February 6, 2012

More CHA

Ok so this has nothing to do with CHA but
I loved this picture of my sister!
 I have so many photos of wonderful layouts and other assorted art from CHA that I decided I would try and post some more for all of you to see...the first one of course is my adorable sister Linda...shortly before I took her to the airport to head back home. I realize this has nothing to do with CHA but I figured why's a cute picture and she is so "colorful", in her pretty shirt. I think she looks a bit artsy don't you?
The art was amazing at CHA. This was from a contest
that I think Ranger does every year. There were all these adorable and creative dress forms

These flowers were AMAZING. They are
made out of clay and dried...they were gorgeous.

Another Martha Stewart clay bouquet. I would never
have the patience to make one of these

You are looking at current trends here...banners
and chevrons were everywhere.
Another trend here...butterflies are continuing to be big
love how these were masked on the layout
More banners and I liked the strip of photos
what a great way to get lots of photos on a page

This title will definitely be on one of my layouts in the near future

I always love a good quote

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