Thursday, April 19, 2012

My 5 Minute Commute

Love these guys! Sure will miss them!

I started working at the new warehouse in Huntington Beach this kidding I can get to work in 5 minutes! Of course parking is going to be insane when the place opens but for the next two weeks I can enjoy a speedy commute and close up parking. So far I am really enjoying the new place. I am working with a lot of the same people from Fountain Valley and I am also working with a lot of new people. Everyone is so nice and if a warehouse could be considered beautiful this one certainly is. It's HUGE, and clean, and white, and bright. I love it. We still have lots to do to get ready for the Grand Opening and the VIP Party on May first...but I am sure it will all come together nicely.

While Linda was here I took her over and showed her the new Costco. As we were leaving we saw this in the parking lot....

I had to ask...Linda says about 500!
Think we will run out on a busy Saturday?

Linda being the numbers girl she is was trying to figure out just how many carts there were...being the "artsy" girl I am I just wanted to get a cool picture. It just shows how different we are and yet sometimes we aren't that different at all. If I could remember how many baskets she figured out were there I would tell you but I don't remember...which is also "so me" I did get a pretty good "artsy" picture tho don't you agree? =D


  1. Great trolley shot..a five minute commute sounds good!
    Alison xx

  2. Very cool! I would be with Linda trying to figure out how many!