Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Costco Huntington Beach Grand Opening

Sign on the side of the building
It's been a crazy few weeks. I can't say enough wonderful things about the new Costco in Huntington Beach. I came home and told Cliff that the warehouse was "beautiful" he looked at me like I had rocks in my head. It was hard not to think it was beautiful. Nothing was messed up...every item was perfectly stacked..the floors were polished, the ceiling was so white and bright. everything was so pristine. So yes...beautiful does describe the new Huntington Beach Costco. Of course you have to take into consideration that I came from working in a 25 year old warehouse...so new is wonderful.

We have merchandise geared for our beach community

Our Grand Opening was this past week. Tuesday night we had a VIP night which basically was a party for all the exec's and to show off our new warehouse to the community. We attempted to count not Costco cards but actual bodies as they entered the front door....What a trick that was! There were actually two of us with "clickers" counting people as they entered...my thumb was clicking fast and furiously. Not sure how accurate we were but we did the best we could. Wednesday we opened for business. It was busy....like a Saturday in Fountain Valley. For a new warehouse I think we had a pretty successful opening. I love our managers. They are so willing to help us. They have no problem getting in the trenches and working along side us. I think that does a lot for morale.

Another perk to working in HB is the fact that I am now third in line with seniorty so I am working days. It's so nice to be home with Cliff in the evenings. We can actually do stuff together! What I am having trouble with is the fact that for the last 5.5 years I have been working basically all evenings and so have been use to having my mornings to myself....so it will take a bit of adjusting but all in all its a good thing.
We had a table full of high end Channel and Prada
handbags that sold like crazy the first day we
were opened!
Our front end manager Rommel along with two of
 my front door co-workers Carrie and Judith

Rommel and Carrie our Asst Warehouse Manager

Here I am in the oh-so-lovely red vest (NOT) along with
Carrie, Shirley and Peter.


Our entrance door is on the corner of the building
so they made the cake that way. =)

I told ya....bright and white! Of course the registers
are now uncovered...lol

Look at those perfectly stacked colorful tee shirts!


  1. Looks wonderful!!! Glad you are home more with Cliff:)

  2. what does that bag do besides sit there! for that kind of money it had better get up and drive my car for me!
    And WOW yes very clean! I will have to come over and mess it up for ya :)

  3. It DOES look very bright and white..glad you're enjoying your new environment!
    Alison xx

  4. nice idea.. thanks for posting..