Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day Flowers from Jason
It's been a lovely day. I started out with breakfast in bed after I slept in ....along with a very cute card and photo from Jeremy and Holly. was printed at Costco but it was a "wordle" he used Mother's Day as the base and then put in all kinds of sweet tender words on it...some made no sense to anyone else but me but it brought tears to my eyes. Then we went to church during Relief Society (the women's meeting) we were treated to a lunch served by some of the men in our ward. It was so nice and very tasty. After we got home I put the leg of lamb in the oven as Cliff wasn't sure how to cook it and I was really hungry for lamb. We got to skype with Jeremy and Holly and I got a little scrappy time and even a short nap before was it good! My Gramma would have been proud of me...I even made her mint relish. After dinner I opened my cute cards from the rest of the family. Yes there was even one from I also got a gift certificate for a spa pedicure which I will no doubt enjoy! So there you have Mother's Day...I am so grateful for my sweet husband and my amazing children...they are simply the BEST!
He hates having his picture taken but he managed
to give me this one. =)

The cute Wordle that Jeremy made me

Leg of Lamb...done to perfection!

I am so grateful to be a Mom

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