Friday, September 14, 2012

My Costco Mini Album

The Front Cover and the outside of the warehouse.

I am finally getting around to posting my little mini I made for the Costco Grand Opening. I took most of the photos, some I found on the local newspaper's website, and a few I got from friends. I have taken the book to work and it got rave reviews from my co-workers. It was just a way for me to document the opening of our new warehouse.

In the Beginning...

Grand Opening Day I was inside, got these from the
 local paper's website

The ribbon cutting photo I got from a friend's facebook page
if you know where I standing you can sort of see me...ha ha

Inside the front doors, and a view of the warehouse from the
tire center entrance.

Omar one of our "Majors Dept" Guys and look at that
80" TV!

Have you ever seen such neatly stacked clothing? The other side
is when we rolled the doors open. If you follow the arrows you can
see me and 2 of my co-workers...just barely. haha

Some of my co-workers along with some of our management team

Down the bulk wall where the bread is located and one of our

Beautiful flowers on the front end and a cool cake from our
bakery complete with the front door on the corner like it is
in real life.

Our fully stocked Produce Cooler...yes it's cold in there!
More co-workers Trini and Kelvin

Gorgeous and pricey merchandise. Our wonderful Hearing Aid
Manager, Marcy

Giancarlo's Signature Pose....and Paul working hard to
keep things clean

Our Warehouse Manage, Rod and Keith our Ancillary Manager.


  1. Oh my Kathy! I love this! Perfect collection for Costco photos and love that you took time to document these pics! Great job!

  2. Great mini-album! I need to make one of these someday!

  3. Bet they loved this - so neat that you took the time to document all this!