Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day One - A Month of Gratitude

(I got the bright idea to add numbers to my post titles kind of to keep track so to speak...I didn't realize that my post from November 1st was going to jump up to todays date so it's out of order....guess I me and my OCDness will just have to deal with it. Anyway this is why you are seeing  my November 1st post dated on November 14th)  

I spent a little time last night reviewing my last November's blog goal last November was to post a photo each day of something I was grateful for. It was fun to go back and read them again. So here we are a year later....headed into the holidays once again. I decided I would see if I can do better than last year. I managed to post 18 days worth of photos so lets see if I can beat that this year. So without further's today's post about what I am grateful for.

I love candles...and I have for years. Cliff is always worried that I'll start a fire or burn the house down or something so I don't burn them often. I never felt really comfortable burning them around the boys either cuz they were always intrigued by them, perhaps a bit too much and I was afraid they would burn the house down or something. So long story short I don't burn candles often....that was until I got some battery powered ones...can I just say WOW! I love them. I have 4 of them sitting on my scrapbook table "burning" right now. I would never have dreamed of using candles in my studio with all of the paper back here but with these it doesn't matter and I love the ambiance. There is something that is just soothing about the candlelight...battery powered or today tho it might seem trivial I am grateful for my battery powered candles. The photo I am posting is from Jeremy and Holly's wedding....I loved the way the candles made the room look so pretty.


  1. I LOVE the battery candles too!! I even found some at Target that are on a timer, that run for 4 hours!!! So they come on right now at 6 and go off at 10. I especially like it if we come home after dark, it's nice to come into a few "burning" candles throughout the house.
    Oh, and the new blog looks great!!

  2. Pretty candle. I am always afraid of burning them too. Might have to scout out some battery ones.

  3. hey I just came across your blog and I saw you were doing the same thing I am doing: daily gratitude posts through November! Great minds think alike!

  4. Oops and this is Heather Stevens (Schultz- both sound odd to me, I am in between/transitioning haha) I was logged in on my husbands account oops

  5. Good call on not burning candles around BOYS! I have a burned spot on one of my tables because my young sons decided to see how far a candle could burn down on the table one day. *sigh*