Sunday, November 28, 2010


This is a lift from Stacey Michaud's blog. It's a photo of Jason and his half sister McKenna

As a scrapbook artist I am inspired by so many photos....beautiful patterned paper....the stories I want to tell......and the designs of others. I learned long ago that if you could learn to look past the pretty paper and the photos you could take almost any basic design and make it your own. Most of the time I use "scrap lifting" as a "jumping off" point....a place to start...I love to see what I can do to make the design my own....often times just changing the papers and the embellishments will give my layout a whole different feel than the one I am "borrowing." I am such a visual person...that gleaning from others really helps start the process for me. Today I am GRATEFUL to all of those women who share their beautiful works of art out there in cyberspace....they are so talented and they certainly INSPIRE me.

  I am posting two layouts here that I just finished today. The layouts were inspired by Stacey Michaud and Karen Grunberg.........thanks ladies....I am totally GRATEFUL for your talent and that you share it with all of us. You can see Stacey's work at and Karen's

This layout is a lift of Karen Grunberg...what a talented lady she is. Sadly my title doesn't show up very well it says "Begins Now"

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