Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mom x 2 second installment

I am so grateful today for another wonderful woman.....I know how extremely difficult it was for her to give birth to a son and then turn around and hand him to me to raise. I know it took courage, strength, bravery, to give her child two parents and a stable home. I know she loves him to this day and it is my prayer that she knows how much I love her and how GRATEFUL I will always be to her for the sacrifice she made so that we could have our first child. You see....21 years ago today....we went to court and finalized Jeremy's adoption. So today I am grateful for Jeremy's sweet birthmother, Terrie.

Here's a photo taken in the judges chambers after the adoption papers were signed. Yes I know my hair was wild and crazy....at least I had lots hair back then...lol and Cliff's glasses were huge but what do you expect...it was 1989!

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