Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thank You Teresa Collins!

I got home tonight from Jury Duty and ran into my studio to check Teresa Collins Blog to see if maybe just maybe I had made her design team......alas I did not....but boy did I have fun creating my layouts. Seeing my name in print on her blog was just amazing. Teresa said this about the finalists:

"I have been on panels before and judged contests and various things before- but this is the BEST of the BEST. The entry's are amazing. I would be honored to have each and every one of the girls who submitted to design for me." 

That meant so much to today I am GRATEFUL to Teresa Collins for giving me the opportunity to create some beautiful layouts and realize that I really am good at what I do....even tho already knew's really nice to know someone else thinks so too.

 Love how the Teresa Collins "Gratitude" line  worked so well with Jeremy and Holly's photo...the golden cast on the photo looks beautiful with the papers.

Love all the beautiful cupcakes from Jeremy and Holly's open house

This is by far my favorite layout and one of my very favorite photos.

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  1. I forgot what I wrote before:)

    Just love the layouts! Love the clean lines, the layering and embellies!