Friday, November 19, 2010

The Candy Man

Today I am GRATEFUL for the "Candy Man". Mr. Hinson is this sweet older gentleman that shops at Fountain Valley Costco....he comes in to shop and brings with him a whole canvas bag full of Hersheys Kisses....he wanders all over the warehouse and hands them out to people...employees, or members while he is first it kind of through me but now I always smile when I see him coming. He always asks you if you've had a "kiss" today and then he will hand you the candy....He is so sweet...he can always make me smile. Apparently he does this everywhere he goes. He trys to make the world a better place and I think that is pretty today I am grateful for "The Candy Man". Thanks Mr. Hinson for making  me smile today.

Today I got a bonus....he gave me a minature rose from his pretty is that?

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