Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Little Behind

I guess I fell off the daily blog wagon...OOPS! Let me see if I can come up with a couple of things I am grateful for today to make up for it. =)

An Observation

I see people from all walks of life at work as they enter or exit the warehouse. It really stuck me the other day just how many physically and mentally challenged people I see at the door. I often wonder about their circumstances and how they have over come such tremendous obstacles. They always seem to have smiles on their faces....and a Costco card in their hand...even if it is the only hand they have...I admire that. We have so many perfectly healthy members that are just too lazy to fish out their Costco card and yet here are these people who have a good excuse for not getting out their card and yet they always do. It also gives me time to reflect on just how blessed I am. I have my  mind....tho my children and husband sometimes don't think so....I have 10 fingers...10 toes....two hands...two get the idea. Today I am grateful that I am so blessed.

I didn't have a picture of me at the door
at work so this will have to do.

A Day Off Times 3

This week I have a little extra time off....I have been anticipating it since the schedule was written. Yesterday I spent much of the day running errands....but today I didn't even leave the house until 4:15 PM and that was only to take Jase to the gym. I have been cleaning all day and thoroughly enjoying the journey. Now I can say I have a somewhat clean house...sure it's not perfect but it's a lot better than it was. A clean house ALWAYS makes me happy! So today I am also grateful for the free time I had today to clean up my home.

A pretty rose on my kitchen counter is as close as I could
get to a photo of my clean house. =)


  1. Yes Kathy! I was just reflecting on that the other day. I have seen many members with one hand on their wheelchair, and a Costco card in hand. Also have I seen mothers wearing their baby, wrangling a toddler, and their other adolescent children, with a food court "feast" in one hand, and Costco card in the other. If our disabled or otherwise child occupied members can do it, then I am very sure everyone else can. It is kind of strange to say this but when I am just standing at the entrance greeting and a member genuinely thanks me, it really gives me hope :)