Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today I am grateful for all of my wonderful friends....I have many....some I have known for a long, long time. Today's post is about one particular friend. He was a sweetheart....he was kind, awesome mechanic and an all around great guy. I dated Tom briefly many, many years ago....I introduced him to the church and he was baptized November 4, 1978. After we broke up....we somehow managed to stay friends. We would talk occasionally usually on one of our birthdays....He ended up back in his home town in Pennyslvania and found Debbie, a wonderful lady and married her in the temple. They settled there so with us living in California I didn't see him much.....but still there was an occasional phone call or Christmas greeting. The last time I saw Tom was back in 2002...he and Debbie stopped by to visit us on a trip to California. Since then we both were busy in our own lives and had kind of lost touch. I had thought about sending an invitation to Jeremy's wedding but had lost their address. So imagine my surprise when I received a quick note from Debbie asking me to call her.......I knew before I ever picked up the phone that something was wrong............Tom had a massive heart attack and passed away on September 25, 2010 just a month past his 56th birthday.
I feel badly that we had lost touch....but grateful that I had sent him a quick one line Happy Birthday email the month before....Debbie told me he had read it....I hope he knew I cared even if we had lost touch. Just remember....if you have good friends.......let them know you care.....because you just never know.

So Tom, this blog post is for you........even tho you won't ever read were my dear, sweet, friend. You blessed my life and  I am grateful to have known you.
Love Always,

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