Friday, November 12, 2010

Girl Time

I had such a great time today. A week ago I ran into a friend of mine at Costco...she invited me to come and crop with her and some of her friends at The Scrapbook Garden in Huntington luck would have it I happened to have the day off so I packed up a few things.....grabbed some photos from Costco that I had uploaded and printed and off I went...spent the day with some very fun ladies playing with paper and having an all around wonderful time. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos. =( So for today I am posting a picture of me with my sister Linda. Some of you know her and know what a great person she is.We always have fun when we get together. She flew down for Jeremy and Holly's open house last month and was a HUGE help! She truly helped keep me focused and sane. Which believe me was no easy So today not only am I grateful for girl time.....I'm grateful for my sister and the awesome girl time we get to spend together.

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