Thursday, November 18, 2010

"I like being with you"

I was going to post this last night when I got home but when I found out I had jury duty today (I had been calling in all week) I figured I had better go to today I will post twice.

Back in 1995 we had a flu bug at our WAS NOT night Jason, then three, said to me as we were lying in bed feeling awful "I like being with you."  If there was one thing positive that came out of that nasty flu bug that was it! He was so sweet and I have cherished those words over the's now something that we say to each other fairly often. Here is one of my favorite photos of Jase from about that age.

Yesterday, I had the best time just hanging out with him. We weren't doing anything special just running some errands and it dawned on me how much I really am enjoying him these days. He really is a great young man and I am SO GRATEFUL for him! Thanks Jase for being the sweet wonderful young man you are!

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