Friday, November 5, 2010


Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a Mom.....and of course since I am one of two girls I wanted to have a little girl...growing up I never even thought that I wouldn't have a girl...but as fate would have it....and I am sure God knew what he was doing way more than I did....we were blessed with two awesome boys. After my boys were born I learned very quickly that you simply cannot beat the whole Mother-Son thing...that bond is amazing and I am so grateful for it....but still I had hoped that we would have a girl but alas that was not to be.....not to be until of course Jeremy got married. Then not only did I finally have a girl to love....I had an AMAZING girl to love. I couldn't be happier with Jeremy's choice....Holly is wonderful. So today I am grateful for a wonderful new daughter-in-law. Thanks Holly for loving Jeremy and being a wonderful new addition to our family.

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  1. and Holly is lucky to have a wonderful new second mom....congratulations!